We love our facility as much as you love your vehicle! Our staff takes pride in caring for the facility, your needs and your vehicle's needs. Please become familiar with our names and become part of the VMS family!

Charlie MorganOwner

Charlie has been in the storage business for over 20 years. Leadership, expertise and caring are what people expect when storing their prized possessions and Charlie embodies that through his efforts and staff.

Laura Morgan Owner / Operator

Laura has been in the storage business for over 20 years. Laura makes sure every day happens at Vault from answering your calls to making sure the facility is running on all cylinders.

Joelle Jean Merrimack Site Manager

Joelle manages the day to day operations and is available during operating hours to answer any questions you may have. If you have questions about your current vehicle or questions about reserving space in the near future, Joelle is here to assist you.

Rima AyoubMerrimack Team member

Rima has been with Morgan companies for 11 years. If you have any questions, Vault or Morgan Companies related Rima will have the answer!

Renato FillipiFacilities Manager

Renato ensures our facility is functionally working at a high level. From major to minor repairs to battery tenders and parking arrangements Renato makes sure all hands on needs are met to keep your autos safe, secure and free from harm.

Keith Remillard Belmont North Site Manager

Keith will take your call, make sure all the doors are locked and make sure any requests are addressed.

Chris HrycunaWeb & Digital Marketing Manager

Chris oversees all web and digital marketing needs for Vault. If you prefer to keep in touch with Vault online or have any issues with any of our web services Chris is here to assist you and address any questions.